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Here you will find an overview of our Microsoft Excel English seminars and courses. Of course, we are also happy to hold these seminars directly inhouse at your location.

Microsoft Excel Basics (Level I)

In this seminar, the basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel will be refreshed and gaps in knowledge will be closed. The knowledge learned is deepened through exercises, thereby ensuring that the basic use of Excel is mastered confidently.

Microsoft Excel Deepening Bascis(Level II)

Basic knowledge is consolidated and expanded. The aim is to use Microsoft Excel to carry out and display complex tasks in data preparation and evaluation independently and safely.

Microsoft Excel Advanced (Level III)

One-day training in Microsoft Excel for advanced users. The aim is to implement complex mathematical calculations and their visualization as well as to master data analysis using pivot tables.

Microsoft Excel Professional (Level IV)

This training in Microsoft Excel is for experienced users. Advanced knowledge is optimized and prepared for complex tasks. The aim is to master professional data entry and to learn about other table evaluation options. Professional analysis with pivot tables is also the focus of this training.

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