Microsoft Excel Basics Seminar (Level I)

One-day training in Microsoft Excel to refresh, repeat and consolidate. Basic knowledge is built up step by step and applied using small exercises. The aim is to develop a confident use of Microsoft Excel in order to be able to solve everyday tasks effectively.

After this Microsoft Excel basics training, you will have brought your basic knowledge up to date and will have no problem understanding the context in Microsoft Excel. You will be able to fulfill basic spreadsheet requirements and will be familiar with the new interface of the current version of Microsoft Excel.

The Microsoft Excel basics training is particularly suitable for participants who have already worked with older versions and want to master the transition to the current Microsoft Excel version. Even if you finally want to understand Excel fundamentally or have only a little previous knowledge, you can ideally consolidate and deepen your knowledge in this training.

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Excel Basics Seminar Content

1. Excel interface

  • Menu navigation structure, ribbons
  • Set up a quick launch bar
  • Edit spreadsheets
  • Objects, keyboard shortcuts, navigation

2. Cell formatting

  • Number formats vs. cell contents e.g. date formats
  • Quick formatting
  • Use cell and table format templates
3. Calculating with Excel
  • Simple functions like: SUM(), AVERAGE(), MIN(), MAX(), COUNT(), COUNT2(), ROUND()
  • Relative and absolute cell references
  • Use names instead of cell references
  • Calculate shares
4. Editing lists
  • Custom sorting and filtering
  • Print areas, print titles
  • Headers and footers
  • Partial results, structure
There will be tips and tricks for all topics for even faster and more fun working with Excel.


Basic knowledge of Windows, limited knowledge of Excel


1 day (9:00 – 16:00)

Seminar location



390 € plus VAT

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