Microsoft Excel Advanced Seminar (Level III)

One-day training in Microsoft Excel for advanced users. Advanced basic knowledge is consolidated and expanded. The aim is to use Microsoft Excel to implement complex mathematical calculations and their visualization. Data analysis with pivot tables is also covered in detail. After this Microsoft Excel Advanced training, you will have deepened your knowledge to the point where you can confidently carry out complex mathematical calculations and visualize them using Microsoft Excel. Data analysis using pivot tables will also no longer be a challenge for you. The Microsoft Excel advanced training is just right for you if you already have advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel. You can also create complicated and nested functions. If you have already attended our Microsoft Excel training Level II for deep basic knowledge, you are ideally prepared for this next step.

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Excel Aufbau Seminar Content

1. „Never trust a view in Excel“

  • Deeper, custom number formatting
  • Working with placeholders
2. Structuring and evaluating tables
  • Rules for structured lists
  • INDEX() and MATCH() as an alternative to VLOOKUP()
3. Work faster with dynamic tables
  • Automatic extensibility, formatting
  • Structured references
  • Automatic result row
4. New Excel 365 features
  • Array functions: UNIQUE(), FILTER(), #, SORT()
5. Pivot tables: evaluating tables without functions
  • Principle and functionality of pivot tables
  • Creating simple pivot tables
  • Report layouts, partial and total results
  • Drilldowns
  • Practical tips

6. Visualization with pivot charts

  • Tips for organizing evaluations
  • Create simple but sustainable evaluation models

There will be tips and tricks for all topics to make working with Excel even faster and more fun.


Advanced basic knowledge of Excel


1 day (9:00 – 16:00)

Seminar location



390 € plus VAT

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